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I create pins, art prints, comics,
and more! I also do graphic and
logo design for professional and
personal use.

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Welcome to my pin shop!

ALL D&P PINS 20% OFF FROM 11/25 TO 11/30.

Dungeons & Plushies

Raccoon Artificer Enamel Pin

Hamster Barbarian Enamel Pin

Ferret Bard Enamel Pin

Giraffe Cleric Enamel Pin

Dungeon Master Enamel Pin

LE Dungeon Master Enamel Pin

Lion Druid Enamel Pin

Axolotl Fighter Enamel Pin

Elephant Monk Enamel Pin

White Tiger Paladin Enamel Pin

Panda Ranger Enamel Pin

Otter Rogue Enamel Pin

Snake Sorcerer Enamel Pin

Barn Owl Warlock Enamel Pin

Red Panda Wizard Enamel Pin

Nugget the Dragon Enamel Pin

Welcome to my pin shop!



I offer various design services for small and large businesses alike. Whether you need a business card designed with a same day pickup, or just need a fantastic new logo for your splash page.

Get in touch with me and see what's possible today! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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business email: [email protected]